• How are my plays delivered after I sign up?

Plays are emailed and/or texted daily. After you purchase your package you will view and fill out a quick form that lets us know the email address and/or text number that you want us to send the plays to.

  • What sports do you handicap?

Henry Brown specializes in NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB and MLB. Those are the sports that Henry’s proprietary sports betting software, handicapping expertise and information network is built around.

  • Are all your plays based on statistical analysis?

No. Make no mistake, statistical analysis and the use of our own in-house sports betting rating system plays a major role in our daily handicapping. Having said that, we still do factor in other factors like injuries, weather, style of play and other intangibles that impact outcomes of games.

Henry has also developed connections and friendships with people in the industry that he values greatly(ie sharp bettors, odds makers, sportsbook directors). We are fortunate enough to get strong information from these great minds that is priceless.

  • What’s the difference between “ADVANTAGE” and “MAX-EDGE” plays?

Henry’s “ADVANTAGE” plays all carry a strong edge against the line when released. This advantage is derived from Henry’s proprietary in-house sports betting rating system.

To put in simple terms, it give us our own true betting line to compare against the opening and current lines at the USA and offshore books. This system has given us a tremendous edge and has been proven to consistently beat the line we release the plays against.

Henry’s “MAX-EDGE” plays are all plays that carry a major edge. These plays are of enormous value against the Vegas line when we release the plays to all clients.

The edge on the line for these plays is so strong and valuable that we limit these plays. They are made available to serious players willing to pay a premium price for the ability to jump on these plays before any potential line moves.